• Name:Yoshihisa Itsukashi
  • Birthday:September 23rd/1991
  • From:Sakurai City in Nara
  • Blood Type:AB
☆Research:Inventing a bringing up an avatar system managing the activity for keeping good health
  • ・Now, I am thinking the logic. I’m going to make the system with new programing language, “Swift”!
  • ・It is short time from beginning to research!
  • ・Please be looking forward to my future!

  • ・My favorite sport is Japanese high school baseball tournament! Whoever know me know it.
  • ・I like list or tournament. I watch soccer game only when world cup is held. I often use Excel.
  • ・I often listening to music. I’m good at answering the 3 set which is the tune name, the singer and the year when the CD of the tune were sold.
  • ・I try to live regularly, but the time of meals vary from day to day.
  • ・It is very different between when I am hyper and when my energy is low.
  • ・I am serious.
☆Objective in Setalab

  • ・Practicing the ability of communicating
  • ・Practicing the ability of solving a problem
  • ・Practicing my ability for succeeding in future