Hello, I’m Alex a M1 student.

This is a report on the poster presentation of M1 held on February 2nd.

[Flash Talk Session]
Okutsu-kun and Shimizu-kun made a good presentation! While Alex made a presentation without checking the status of the microphone, I think it is probably difficult for the person behind to hear. I noticed it in the middle of the presentation, but I didn’t know the position of the button, so I announced it as it was. I haven’t used the microphone in a long time, so the next time I will check the status of the microphone carefully before making a presentation.

[Poster Session]

In the poster session, many teachers came and asked questions. As you can see in the photos, it seems that everyone’s discussion is lively.
For Alex, I learned a lot from this poster presentation. I gained confidence by communicating my research content to others, and the feedback I received from others helped me improve my research.

For the past year, most of the lectures have been held online. There are fewer opportunities to meet other students and listen to their research, and I think this poster presentation is a good opportunity to interact with students from other laboratories.

Thanks to the advice and encouragement We received from Seta-sensei and Hayashi-sensei, so We were able to make this presentation successfully.
I am truly grateful to the teachers for their support until just before the presentation!!!

FY2022 the Poster Presentation of M1