(The photo on the left shows the spring of 21 years old, and the photo on the right shows the spring of 22 years old. I am thinking of going on a diet because I have gained so much weight.)


  • Name:Shimizu Toshimasa
  • Date of birth: September 6, 1999(I am 23 years old now)
  • Birthplace: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture(I think I’ve lost my accent since I rarely go back to my hometown)
  • Grade: 1st year master student

Affiliations outside of the lab

  • Life is Tech!
    I’m participating in a camp to teach programming languages to junior high and high school students. My main job is to support junior high and high school students so that they can enjoy programming.
    I have participated in two 4-day camps in the spring of 2022.
    I’ve actually had kids who participated say, “I want to come back! and “I’ll keep developing! I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I hear that the children who participated in the camp actually said, “I want to come back again!
  • Shirasagi Festival committee member (until the second semester of my junior year)
    I was a member of the Shirasagi Festival committee of the university’s school festival committee until the second semester of my junior year. The reason why I started was just because a senior I met at the New Year’s party was cool, but I have been a member for 3 years. The school festival is coming back in 2022, and I’m excited to go and enjoy it personally.

Favorite things to do:

  • reading manga
    I read manga every week in JUMP and every month in SQ in digital format. I use Jump+, Magapoke, MangaOne, Zeblack, Young Jump, etc., and I’m happy to talk with people who like manga.

What I don’t like:

  • English in general
    Reading, writing, and speaking are all at a low level. However, I am aware that I should not continue like this, so my petit goal for my master’s degree was to improve my English, but as of September 2022, there will be no growth, so I feel that I need to somehow create an opportunity to do so.
  • Stress Management
    I often get frustrated easily and my stress relief method is binge eating, so I cannot stop gaining weight. I often feel that I need to manage my stress better because I like to eat.

Part-time job:

  • Sumiyoshi-taisha (helping with New Year’s and festival-related work)
    I help out at New Year’s and annual festivals, managing the backstage. From 26th to 31st, I prepare for the New Year by cleaning the shrine grounds, securing the space called “awarding place” and setting it up. If you are interested in seeing the New Year’s Eve scenery at one of the most famous shrines in Japan outside of the crowds, please contact us.
  • Life is Tech !
    Currently, I teach game programming using Unity to middle and high school students every other Sunday and every Saturday. However, my skills are not quite up to par, so I’m more like learning together with them.

Research Groups

  • Toshimasa Shimizu, Yuki Hayashi, Kazuhisa Seta: Construction of a system collaboration infrastructure for comprehensive support of research activity cycle, The 47th National Conference of the Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education, A5-1, pp. 237-238 (2022)
  • Toshimasa Shimizu, Yuki Hayashi, Kazuhisa Seta: Development of a self-regulation learning support system for learners’ independent reflection, Spring 2021 JSiSE Student Research Meeting (Kansai), pp. 135-136 (2021) [Best Presentation Award].