Dr. Nguyen-Thinh Le from Germany is joining our lab for 4 weeks until 24 September! Welcome to Japan and OPU :) We were so excited to see you!


Introducing ourselves presentations. We tried having presentations in English. Akira had a great time in Sydney and talked about Kyushu, his hometown.


Kazuki talked about himself and also about Kyoto. We should visit Kyoto before you go back, the city is amazingly beautiful and you can get nice gifts for your family, Thinh先生!


I talked about my vacation in Mexico and about Japanese names. I’m happy because Thinh先生 seemed to get interests in Kanji letters. That would be fun learning a little bit of Kanji letters ;)


John talked about himself and also about Osaka. Please ask him where people should visit in Osaka, he knows a lot! Now we have a great idea to have Okanomiyaki party soon!


After presentations, having a small welcome party with sushi and Australian beers!


Akira brought back some beers from Australia




Pretty Higashi also joind us later.

We are really grad to study with and so excited learning a lot from Thinh先生. We hope you have a great time here in Japan!!

Welcome Party for Thinh 先生